Just Living And Enjoying Life 

Man, God has and continues to be so good me (I could this right here)! I know people want to know what's up with me and how's the music going. As of right now, I am just enjoying life. I have been doing that for a while now. The last song I released was "Mr. Sore Thumb" with debuted in January. Since then, nothing has been recorded. I am in no rush to record anything. My D.J. business has took off! Which is due to  summer is quickly approaching. That's when the bookings for parties start rolling in. But trust me, I'm not mad at that at all. So when it comes to that, my family, work and church. I am one busy man. When it comes to creating music, I never want to just make something to "stay relevant". I want create music that's sincere, true to the heart and unforgettable. So I take it very seriously. I thank God for all my endeavors and I am just trying to be a good steward over everything that he has given me. I plan on releasing music in the future, whether it's two tracks or ten. All I can say right now is keep supporting me and keep me in your prayers. Hustle Up!    

Seeking more of him 

Since the beginning of the year, I have been more focused on seeking God's face. My desire for him gets stronger as time passes and I thank God for it! I'm experiencing him in ways I didn't before. There are things in my life that I am trusting and believing God for. Now I know it will come to past in due time. So seeking his face has been my main focus. The music and everything else can wait. I will get back to it, but I have to get ME right before anything else. Not just for me, but also my family and friends. I see so many of us going through situations that's trying so hard to take us out mentally and even spiritually. To be honest, it breaks my heart. If you're reading this and feel like that's you, please believe I'm praying for you! Especially if you're in my circle. I may not say anything to you, but I'm praying. I want God to move on ALL our behalf and I know he will if we constantly chase after him! My new found passion for him has caused my spirit man to increase in strength and it one of the best feelings in the world. Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel like a beginning of my life is about the happen. If you think I "Got it going on"  or see things happening in my life, I can honestly say it has noting to do with me AT ALL. I am walking in favor due to my obedience of his word. Nothing more, nothing less. There are things I want to clean up in my life so God can bless me to the point I can bless others. God is doing a great work in me and pray you let him do the same in you. Keep seeking after God! Trust me, there's nothing in this world is better than the God we serve! He is the beginning and the end! He is the only way you will be able to make it through the middle! If you need someone to pray with you or for you, feel free to message me.   

Hustle Up Hoodies 

 Wow! I truly thank God for the vision He has given me. After praying and asking God if this was a good move to make, I finally got my answer to move forward. The decision is to start making "Hustle Up" hoodies. I started with the shirts and it just seemed like a good idea to do hoodies as well. I feel like so late in doing this, but I didn't want to do it just for the sake of doing it. I want to each step to be the best step it can possibly be. So I am glad I waited because now I am confident in my decision. The official release of date of the hoodies will be Friday, January 12th. The hoodies are $30 and $35 if you include shipping. I want to thank everyone that supports my ministry and already interested in purchasing one.  I appreciate you all and thank God for you! If you are interested in purchasing one, please check back on my website January 12th! God bless you! 

New Venture: The Dedication Mixtape  

I been a DJ for thirteen years and I am finally able to release my first mixtape featuring an artist. God is so Good! This is the first installment of my mixtape series titled "The Dedication". This one features my boy "Sky". He is definitely dedicated to his craft and Christ. The following mixtapes to come will feature some of the nation's hottest underground CHH artist. This mixtape drops this Friday (11/17) on my website "jimmiehustle.com" and "Mixcloud".

Walking In Leadership 

If you are walking in leadership in any form, I salute you. Leadership can be hard sometimes. You have to be strong and  
vulnerable at times. I saw an awesome example of a leader today at my job (of all places). Today is the company's president 20th anniversary. Everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. Then he got up at the end and explained how he got to where he is today. I was blown away because he talked about how much of a struggle he had when he was a kid and how it pushed him to where he is today. I meant a lot to me because on the outside, you see a man that has a lot going for him and taken care of business. But you don't the know all the struggles, all the pain and all the hard times he had to go through to get there. So again, shout out to all leadership in your respective places. I salute you! 

Supporting Scriptures:  
Hebrews 13:7 
7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. 

Galatians 6:9 
9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Stay Focus On God  

With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's hard to be and stay good spirits. As for me, I try to limit myself from social media and the news because of it. Of course I "stay woke" with everything that's going on and try my best to get as much "valuable" information as quickly as possible. Because I refuse to let it overwhelm my thoughts. I've been focusing more on God and his word because that's all we have a this point.The enemy wants to fill our hearts with hatred as well and I refuse to let that happen.  

Uplifting Scripture For Me:  
Philippians 4:8 
8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Nominated "Male Artist of The Year"! 

I am currently nominated for "Male Artist of The Year" at the "Voices of Gospel Awards"! Are you kidding me? I can not believe all of this is taking place in my life right now! I give God all the Glory and the honor for just being nominated. The project has only been out for three months with no professional promotion! I know it's all God! It is also people like YOU that support and believe in this project. I thank each and every one of you.  It will definitely be a great experience just to go and be a part of event. I am extremely excited! Now I need everyone on board to help bring the award home. Please go to the website "www.vogma.org" and vote "Jimmie Hustle"  for "Male Artist of The Year". You vote as many time as you like, everyday! 

A New DJ Opportunity 

     Wow, God has been showing out in my life lately! As you know, I released a couple of DJ mixes on my website as demos for potential clients. I also released some Christian Hip Hop mixes to help get artist heard. I received some positive feedback from them and now artist send their latest music to me to incorporate in my mixes. There is one guy that heard my mix and he is a part of the online station titled the "Unified Reach Network". He really enjoyed them to the point that he started playing them on the site. Its got to the point that I will now have mixes on the site from Monday through Friday from 3:30 pm-4 pm. There will be a brand new "Mid-Week" mix every Wednesday too! This is a fairly new website station and I am just excited to be a apart of it. To watch it grow is simply amazing! I thank God for every opportunity where I can give him the Glory to my talent and abilities. So please get online and check out "urn.christlikeradioremix.com"! I think I'm having too much fun on these turntables, lol. 

The Meaning behind "Hustle Up" 

  If you have heard most of the songs I'm in including the latest single "Hustle Up", you would hear that I say this a lot. "Hustle Up" is just a slick way of saying "Chase after God". For example, you know you can get tired over a period of time when you play any game in sports. Usually when someone else sees you struggling, they tell you to "Hustle Up"! Get back in the game so we can win! It's the same concept. Over the past couple of years, I've seen a lot of people fall from the faith. Life would take a toll on them and they would just give up totally. It would hurt me just watching them go through. I had to ask them "When is the last time you prayed?". When was the last time you fasted? We as a people of God have to continually build up our relationship with him. Believe me, I still have my struggles too. In the actual song titled "Hustle Up", I am talking about things that will try to make me lose my faith or try to make me deny my faith in God. Whether it's this sinful world we live in or even myself. My greatest opponent is myself and my fleshly desires. But I refuse to let my issues, life situations or anything else distract me from God. The more you seek after him, the more he reveals himself to you and he will begin to do his work in you. The life of Christianity is not always easy, but it is definitely rewarding! To be honest, I can't live any other way! I am a living witness that he change your life and make it better, but you have to first seek after him. 

First Live Performance Tomorrow 

   I am really excited about tomorrow because I will perform live for the first time off my solo project.  This was a crazy year from the beginning. I watched God interrupt my schedule and tell me to do things that I thought were not possible. So to watch it all come together is mind blowing! This is unreal to me still. All the love and support shown towards me is crazy! I give God all the glory and honor for it. Tomorrow's performance is the last assignment that God gave me to complete for this year.  He said, "Once you get on that stage, show the people what I can do through them when they give me their all". So that's what I plan to do. The performance tomorrow is my personal victory lap. I was never focused on trying to sell a lot of records or getting on the radio. I thank God for it, but it just wasn't my motive. My main focus was doing my absolute best to please God. I pray I don't fall apart up there and be able to finish the performance. God has an tendency of getting a hold of me whenever he feels like it, lol. If you plan on being at "The Freedom Church of Jacksonville" tomorrow, get ready to "Hustle Up"!

The Video Shoot Experience 

            We shot the music video for the single "Hustle Up"  off  "The No Fear Project" this past weekend. This is something that I never forget.  To see the vision that God gave me come to life was absolutely breath taking! We shot it Saturday night and completed the project last night at midnight. The videographer "A & M Productions" worked so hard last night and appreciate him so much. I was in amazement to see how he put everything together in a short time frame. I think we watched the video twenty times in shock to see how great it turned out. I definitely give God the glory! I had an great group people that was a part of the video and even my Pastor was in it! How cool is that?! I want to personally thank everyone that participated in this awesome event. If you were a part of the video and you're reading this right now, I love you so much! Words can not express how much it meant to me to see you there. We all had a lot fun shooting it, including me. The video displays all the joy and excitement. I am still here like a little child fighting myself to not hit the post button on Facebook. But I have to wait until the appropriate time. It will be worth the wait though. This video will definitely change the game in music. BELIEVE THAT! 

Feeling Blessed 

      The Project has been released yet and I have been tremendously blessed by it already. I called this "EP" a project because the songs came from the heart and it became a healing process for me. Like God was working on my heart as I wrote them. There where times where I had to stop and weep because it was so overwhelming. God is definitely doing some things through me beyond music. I gained a lot of good quality relationships with some people and they are doing their best to help me see my vision through. I pray that God blesses everyone that has put in work along with me to get this off the ground. My support group is amazing from my family to my friends. I don't take any of them for granted. I am glad God pushed me to do this because this is something I will never forget. 

God's Given Vision 

            At the beginning of this year, God gave me vision of having my own music project. I thought I was tripping at first. But I know when God speaks to me because he won't leave me alone. Lol. All I hear in my head is "I need you to do a project". There has been other situations in life where he would speak to me and it would be something totally out of nowhere. But when I would obey him and do as he instructs me, it would be the best decision I could have done.  I thought about that and said this shouldn't be any different. That was a hard decision to make because I am a family man and the bills don't stop because God gave me a vision. But one thing about God, he will definitely make a way. I was able to pay off a student loan which opened up finances to fund studio time. So I recorded two songs, but then came to a stand still.  I could not find any beats that I liked and no ideas were coming to mind while summertime was quickly approaching.
           So I started to doubt myself and figure that it would not happen. But then two brothers that go by the name of  "Ripp N' Redd" decided to give me a call and ask if I could be their DJ for shows. They tried to get me three years prior but I declined the offer. I couldn't figure out why they would try again after all this time. But After a long discussion, I agreed to be a part of their family  titled "The Hue Committee". They turned out to be really good guys and we all tend to be in sync with one another since day one.  One of the brothers is also a producer and he wanted me to hear some tracks that he made. I listened to them and i was floored! His music tracks were outstanding and it opened up so much creativity for me. I was able to write and record four tracks within a two month period because of it.    
          Next thing I know, I am looking at six tracks and on the way to send it to the duplication center. I couldn't do anything but thank God. I knew it was all God simply because of how everything came to past. It takes ALOT of money to do this. From recording, mixing/mastering, merchandise and music videos. None of it's cheap, but God is making a way for everything without me struggling. Which is why I know this is what God wants me to do. Do I think I will "Blow Up" off of this? Only God knows. I do know this project will be successful and God will get the glory out of it. If one person gets saved or change their ways from being inspired by this project, that would mean more to me then a  platinum record.  

          If you receive a vision from God, I pray that you see it through. It is definitely not easy, but do everything in your power to make sure it happens. You don't have to run yourself in the ground or get into debt to fulfill the vision. You can take your time and do it in portions if you have to, just stay focus! I took me a whole year to get to this point and I still don't have everything that requires this vision to fully manifest itself. But I will continue to work towards it. They will be people in your ear telling you otherwise. Telling you to give it up, it doesn't take all that or you shouldn't do it that way.  I urge you guard yourself and focus on what God spoke to YOU. Continue to pray and keep your eyes on him.  It will be the best decision of your life.

The Artist and The DJ 

    People ask me from time to time, how do I jungle being an music artist and being a DJ. It's not hard doing both, but it does have its moments. Usually, I am able to flip flop with no problem. One big event will involve rapping and  then one will involve DJing. They are usually spread at least a week or two apart to where I have enough time to prepare for them. Both are fun to perform and I love to see reactions. Some people think I can DJ better than rapping and some think I can rap better than DJing. I love it because I have a difference audience for both. I take both positions seriously and make sure I give it my all regardless of what it is. Even though I have been in a group for five years, doing a solo project has been a real learning experience. It has opened my eyes to such that will help me as a artist and a DJ.