The Artist and The DJ

    People ask me from time to time, how do I jungle being an music artist and being a DJ. It's not hard doing both, but it does have its moments. Usually, I am able to flip flop with no problem. One big event will involve rapping and  then one will involve DJing. They are usually spread at least a week or two apart to where I have enough time to prepare for them. Both are fun to perform and I love to see reactions. Some people think I can DJ better than rapping and some think I can rap better than DJing. I love it because I have a difference audience for both. I take both positions seriously and make sure I give it my all regardless of what it is. Even though I have been in a group for five years, doing a solo project has been a real learning experience. It has opened my eyes to such that will help me as a artist and a DJ. 

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