First Live Performance Tomorrow

   I am really excited about tomorrow because I will perform live for the first time off my solo project.  This was a crazy year from the beginning. I watched God interrupt my schedule and tell me to do things that I thought were not possible. So to watch it all come together is mind blowing! This is unreal to me still. All the love and support shown towards me is crazy! I give God all the glory and honor for it. Tomorrow's performance is the last assignment that God gave me to complete for this year.  He said, "Once you get on that stage, show the people what I can do through them when they give me their all". So that's what I plan to do. The performance tomorrow is my personal victory lap. I was never focused on trying to sell a lot of records or getting on the radio. I thank God for it, but it just wasn't my motive. My main focus was doing my absolute best to please God. I pray I don't fall apart up there and be able to finish the performance. God has an tendency of getting a hold of me whenever he feels like it, lol. If you plan on being at "The Freedom Church of Jacksonville" tomorrow, get ready to "Hustle Up"!

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