God's Given Vision

            At the beginning of this year, God gave me vision of having my own music project. I thought I was tripping at first. But I know when God speaks to me because he won't leave me alone. Lol. All I hear in my head is "I need you to do a project". There has been other situations in life where he would speak to me and it would be something totally out of nowhere. But when I would obey him and do as he instructs me, it would be the best decision I could have done.  I thought about that and said this shouldn't be any different. That was a hard decision to make because I am a family man and the bills don't stop because God gave me a vision. But one thing about God, he will definitely make a way. I was able to pay off a student loan which opened up finances to fund studio time. So I recorded two songs, but then came to a stand still.  I could not find any beats that I liked and no ideas were coming to mind while summertime was quickly approaching.
           So I started to doubt myself and figure that it would not happen. But then two brothers that go by the name of  "Ripp N' Redd" decided to give me a call and ask if I could be their DJ for shows. They tried to get me three years prior but I declined the offer. I couldn't figure out why they would try again after all this time. But After a long discussion, I agreed to be a part of their family  titled "The Hue Committee". They turned out to be really good guys and we all tend to be in sync with one another since day one.  One of the brothers is also a producer and he wanted me to hear some tracks that he made. I listened to them and i was floored! His music tracks were outstanding and it opened up so much creativity for me. I was able to write and record four tracks within a two month period because of it.    
          Next thing I know, I am looking at six tracks and on the way to send it to the duplication center. I couldn't do anything but thank God. I knew it was all God simply because of how everything came to past. It takes ALOT of money to do this. From recording, mixing/mastering, merchandise and music videos. None of it's cheap, but God is making a way for everything without me struggling. Which is why I know this is what God wants me to do. Do I think I will "Blow Up" off of this? Only God knows. I do know this project will be successful and God will get the glory out of it. If one person gets saved or change their ways from being inspired by this project, that would mean more to me then a  platinum record.  

          If you receive a vision from God, I pray that you see it through. It is definitely not easy, but do everything in your power to make sure it happens. You don't have to run yourself in the ground or get into debt to fulfill the vision. You can take your time and do it in portions if you have to, just stay focus! I took me a whole year to get to this point and I still don't have everything that requires this vision to fully manifest itself. But I will continue to work towards it. They will be people in your ear telling you otherwise. Telling you to give it up, it doesn't take all that or you shouldn't do it that way.  I urge you guard yourself and focus on what God spoke to YOU. Continue to pray and keep your eyes on him.  It will be the best decision of your life.


  • Shannon

    Shannon Jacksonville, FL.

    Continue to be an inspiration, brother. It's only the beginning!

    Continue to be an inspiration, brother. It's only the beginning!

  • Egypt

    Egypt Nashville, TN

    Very inspirational!!! Thanks for Sharing! To God be the Glory. www.yourradiantlight.com

    Very inspirational!!! Thanks for Sharing! To God be the Glory.


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