One Year Anniversary

I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun! October 18th is the day I officially released "The No Fear Project". I want to thank God for blessing with the opportunity to make a solo project that definitely came from my heart. I am overwhelmed with joy to see the response I received. It is still moving throughout the states and even overseas! To God be the Glory! It's only been a year and I've done so much. I looked back at my list that I made beforeĀ I released the project. I listed everything I wanted to accomplish for 2017 and there was only two things that wasn't checked off out of ten. God is so good! I got a chance to multiple interviews on podcast shows and radio. I am scheduled to do more in the future and more doors are continuing to open for me. The project also open "DJ" opportunities as well. It's like one hand is helping the other and help push my brand to the next level. With everything going on around, I HAVE to stay focused on God! I can't let NOTHING distract me from the reason I am in this position. I thank God for you! If you brought a T-Shirt, CD or just keep up with me. I would to say thank you for supporting me and showing me love. It gives me joy to do God's purpose for my life and do it through my love for music. I love you all and only God knows what the future has in store for Jimmie Hustle.

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