The Meaning behind "Hustle Up"

  If you have heard most of the songs I'm in including the latest single "Hustle Up", you would hear that I say this a lot. "Hustle Up" is just a slick way of saying "Chase after God". For example, you know you can get tired over a period of time when you play any game in sports. Usually when someone else sees you struggling, they tell you to "Hustle Up"! Get back in the game so we can win! It's the same concept. Over the past couple of years, I've seen a lot of people fall from the faith. Life would take a toll on them and they would just give up totally. It would hurt me just watching them go through. I had to ask them "When is the last time you prayed?". When was the last time you fasted? We as a people of God have to continually build up our relationship with him. Believe me, I still have my struggles too. In the actual song titled "Hustle Up", I am talking about things that will try to make me lose my faith or try to make me deny my faith in God. Whether it's this sinful world we live in or even myself. My greatest opponent is myself and my fleshly desires. But I refuse to let my issues, life situations or anything else distract me from God. The more you seek after him, the more he reveals himself to you and he will begin to do his work in you. The life of Christianity is not always easy, but it is definitely rewarding! To be honest, I can't live any other way! I am a living witness that he change your life and make it better, but you have to first seek after him. 

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