A New DJ Opportunity

     Wow, God has been showing out in my life lately! As you know, I released a couple of DJ mixes on my website as demos for potential clients. I also released some Christian Hip Hop mixes to help get artist heard. I received some positive feedback from them and now artist send their latest music to me to incorporate in my mixes. There is one guy that heard my mix and he is a part of the online station titled the "Unified Reach Network". He really enjoyed them to the point that he started playing them on the site. Its got to the point that I will now have mixes on the site from Monday through Friday from 3:30 pm-4 pm. There will be a brand new "Mid-Week" mix every Wednesday too! This is a fairly new website station and I am just excited to be a apart of it. To watch it grow is simply amazing! I thank God for every opportunity where I can give him the Glory to my talent and abilities. So please get online and check out "urn.christlikeradioremix.com"! I think I'm having too much fun on these turntables, lol. 

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